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South Deering Illinois Foreclosure leads include the following: All Government related foreclosures including HUD Foreclosures, Federal Foreclosures, VA Foreclosures for South Deering Illinois are all included in our up to date and complete foreclosure database. You can find South Deering Foreclosures by clicking here.

Our South Deering Illinois database is very user friendly and contains many unique features including: Comparable information about South Deering Real Estate to give you full knowledge on what properties are selling for around that foreclosed property. In addition we also tie our South Deering Bankruptcy cases to the South Deering Illinois Foreclosure so that you know if and when someone has filed. We also tie our South Deering Foreclosures with government assessor’s information to give you tax and property characteristics information.

Our South Deering Illinois database is very user friendly and contains many unique features including: allowing you to print labels right on line as well as doing a mail merge on line targeting South Deering Foreclosure leads.

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Actual Foreclosure

Input DateType of SaleDefendant AddressDefendant CityDefendant StateComplaint / Judgement Amount
10/26/2017 NEWLY FILED FORECLOSURE 9549 S CHAPPEL AVE South Deering IL 25588
10/26/2017 NEWLY FILED FORECLOSURE 9642 S EXCHANGE AVE South Deering IL 74823
11/6/2017 NEWLY FILED FORECLOSURE 10305 S BENSLEY AVE South Deering IL 101086
11/9/2017 NEWLY FILED FORECLOSURE 2258 E 103RD ST South Deering IL 6205
11/14/2017 NEWLY FILED FORECLOSURE 10150 S HOXIE AVE South Deering IL 44200

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